Moustache March 2005

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Moustache March is a celebration of moustaches. To get involved, just grow and proudly display a moustache for March. We are not the only Moustache March around (check out the links), but 2005 marks our third annual March, making us the original and longest running Moustache March (that we know of).
  • Moustaches without other facial hair are preferrable, but not required.
  • It is not a competition, and there are no rules about when you can begin growing your moustache, but several members begin a month or more in advance to prepare more elaborate styles.
  • It's never too late to start, and there's no reason to worry about "not being able to grow a good moustache". Most of us can't grow a good moustache, and that hasn't stopped us.
  • It's more fun if you can do it with your friends, but the lonerstache adds a bit of mystery that the girlies love so much.
Check out the board and post some pics, or send an email if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.

email: chad at riotcoke dot com

links: - the real fucking deal - web nerd's choice for moustachery. these guys have some serious organization and a humanitarian angle to boot - west coast based moustache marchers - world beard and moustache championships; for those who haven't seen it yet.

RIP Hunter S.

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