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Username  felixtibs
Nickname  Al Cicio (search all posts from Al Cicio)
Email  Not available
Registered on  09-18-2001 08:38 p.m.
Last Login  01-06-2002 10:20 p.m.
Member Level  Normal member
Member Group  public
Status  Activate
Total Posts  84
Last Post  12-27-2001 08:51 p.m.
Homepage  http://www.eyunta.com
Location  San Diego
Occupation  Toast Farmer
Interests  Clam Digging, Toasting bagels, Skinng ardvarks
ICQ Number  Not available
Age  20
Comments  Has anyone ever seen that shit before. Who the hell even thought of it? It should be tossed in a dumpster, right next to Eyunta.com
Signature  BMR Boyz sucka!

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