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Concert Review: WE ARE MOTORHEAD

This past Thursday, April 28th, three of the loudest mother fuckers of rock came by the party hard city of Poughkeepsie New York. Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee, and god a.k.a. Lemmy Kilmister all together form the legendary Motörhead, who succesfully murdered my ear drums that thursday night. And fuck yes I enjoyed it.

lemmy1 (35k image)

The trip upstate was shitty, driving on the f'd up Taconic Parkway in the pouring rain, finally reaching the booming metropolis of Poughkeepsie after three hours of traffic. If you've never experienced the wonder of the Pough, I would highly not suggest it. We covered the city east to west in about five minutes, viewing the intense commercial competition between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kennedy Fried Chicken, driving through the 3 block rough part of the neighborhood including an old run down building covered in No Loitering signs and even a "Do not come here to buy drugs" sign.

After finally finding Cranell St. (Alleyways in Poughkeepsie have street names....although you can't drive on them) we go online in front of The Chance. There we waited on line out front with a large group of fellow hard rock fans, including the guy in front of us in his "gothic priest" outfit.

The Chance is a very cool small theater that caters almost exclusively to rock music, including anything from local hard core bands to Jefferson Starship to The Spin Doctors and Motörhead. It has two levels, but just small enough to not have a bad spot in the place. I wish I brought my camera, but I'm a forgetful jackass.

The night started off with a decent band called "Today's the Day". Although not exactly my cup of tea, they did have a insane drummer who enjoyed going through several sets of drumsticks in their short set, including having them break and fly off into the crowd hitting a guy in the head.


Then came Speedealer, who I was actually pretty impressed by, they were a hard rockin speed metal type band, really good shit. Following them came Morbid Angel, who we descended into the pit for. I'm definitely not a big fan of death metal, but it's hard not to enjoy loud heavy tunes when it’s a few feet away. And of course everyone loves the death metal voice, you know the type that makes you jealous, wishing you had it as you order a big bacon classic at Wendy’s.

Finally, after all the bands were finished, it was time. We grabbed a spot right in the very front of the pit; the only thing separating us from Lemmy was a rope, and a bouncer pushing us back.


It's hard to describe the feeling of being right there with Motörhead and their amps beating the shit out of you, its fucking intense. Lemmy came out with his signature opener, "We are Motorhead, and were gonna kick your ass!" I've been a fan of Motörhead ever since I first heard "Ace Of Spades" on Darryl Nau's Seek & Destroy video. I couldn't tell you every song that they played; I was kind of in a trance just enjoying the music and the pit. All my favorites were played though, such as "Born to Raise Hell","Civil War","Sacrifice","Iron Fist", and of course "Ace of Spades". Although not as many metal chicks as I would hope for, there was still some tits and bush to be shown, although coming from a lone chubby chick. Oh well, I did see Lemmy's mole.


There's probably a lot of other things that happened that I cant remember, but that was basically the night, ending at 3:30 after a quick drive home. Stay tuned till next weekend for a review on the Blue Oyster Cult concert, or better yet try to get some tickets and go yourself.


PeteTownshend @ ://   04/29/02

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Lemmy threw his cig at me. I rule.
» James M Myles III @ • 04/29/02

I'm jealous.
» Leonard Skinner • 04/29/02

I wish I had the money to have gone.
» Mr. Dan McNamara • 04/29/02

Mac, Quinn went. Ain't nobody poorer than Quinn.
» Chad • 04/29/02

Chazz and Rex are testing Chris.
Chazz: Who'd win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?
Chris Moore: Lemmy. [Rex imitates a game show buzzer] ...God?
Rex: Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy *IS* God.
» Chad • 04/29/02

» mike lennon(Im not afraid 2 post my real name unlike you suckas) @ • 04/30/02

hey stop the violence its bad...
» concerned citizen • 04/30/02

lol, kid from hampton bays, go fuck urself. Nobody gives a shit wut u say.
» wtf is up with hampton bays • 05/01/02

Who pissed off a kid from the hampton bays and who does he think will get up that early to go to a fucking king kullen? No one really did talk shit. great stuff
» Mr. Dan McNamara • 05/01/02

You better care whut I fuckin say my family has more money than you'll ever see bitch and i'll meet any of you bitches in your shit 2 bit town just say the time and place.
» mike lennon(Im not afraid 2 post my real name unlike you suckas) @ • 05/01/02

Man im so fuckin high rite now and listening to motorhead and ace of base lol i wonder if ricky would think it was koo if somebody stole his bones and dug up his grave like he did 2 some civil war guy. You colud send them to gary's rents like "here ya go" think of all the nice shit you could do with the ac/dc shirt he was buried in and you could smoke his bonez they prob have angel dust residue on them. hahaha
» ricky kasso • 05/02/02

Everyone from the Hampton Bays is either ugly or fat. Come to my king kullen, bitch. Talking shit over the internet is hilarious.
» Mr. Dan McNamara • 05/02/02

If he wants to fight so bad, why do we have to go out to Hampton bays. They started it, they can come here.

P.s- why the fuck would you fight there.... If anywhere, why not by the old Ponaqouge bride.
» Dave • 05/02/02

-Mr. Lennon, why don't you post your address too.

-Mr. Lennon, why do you care what goes on in a town 50 miles away?
» Fucked........Proper....Before see Germans get here aye Tommy. :// • 05/05/02

Come to east northport king kullin bitch. we'll show you what we about.
» Hampton bays. Your gay. • 05/07/02

you wanna fight so bad you come here bitch.
» hb gay • 05/07/02

» hb gay • 05/07/02

Mike lennnon is gay.
-Rob Bax
» Mike lennon is gay • 05/07/02

fuck all you suckas something is gonna go down real soon
» mike lennon(Im not afraid 2 post my real name unlike you suckas) • 05/08/02