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Tommy, can you hear me?
If you've made it this far, you are l33t, congrats!

The Bishop Don Magic Juan @ ://   09/16/02



PeteTownshend @ ://   07/09/02

The state of illbill adress
The last week i went to niceragua. It was quite kicken. Their
were many memoriable momments like when Illbill's pick up truck
was commendered by the police or when I busted moves and the
niceraguans said " That when I dance god is happy. This is also
one of my last post on the sevs community. I loved the days when my
pointless but funny comments cause controversity when the All the illbill
bashers decided to make fun of illbill. Sometimes I spoke all arogantly. It was
all an act Many people thought it was funny and just as much beleved
i was full of myself. At the end Sevs is a place were the entire Student body
could get together and express their views in a non - school setting. It
sometimes got offencive but Freedom of speach is something that our fore-fathers
fought and died for and shouldn't be taken a way. As I part
illbill says you may take our fourms but you will never take our FREEDOM

ill Bill @ ://   06/01/02

Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?

Yes, most of us are still here. But I mean come on, its spring, almost summer. High School is almost over...FOR GOOD!!!!

I cant speak for everyone, but I do apologize on my behalf for the lack of posts. I've been busy with work, wakeboarding, working on my boat, and the real pain in the ass thats been taking up my time, this place called school which basically kills five days a week. I do hope more posts will be coming along soon, with end of school fun, prom and graduation coming up. Then for summer I know I'll either be posting regularly, or disapear from my computer and live the life out on my boat. I hope and pray for the latter.

GO SEE INSOMNIA!!! Although written a few decades ago, it was directed by Christopher Nolan, who did Memento, which was an amazing movie. Robin Williams rarely does serious roles, but when he does they rock.

I've also been busy watching the NHL playoffs. Unfortunately the two teams I was rooting for (Habs and Sens) were both eliminated. I'd definitely like to see the Leafs destroy the fugly Ron Brind'Amour and his dirty Hurricanes. Also Patrick Roy has been my god since the late 80s when he was with the Habs, so naturally I would like to see the Avs beat the Detroit LetsBuyAlltheBestPlayers, Oh I mean Red Wings.

PeteTownshend @ ://   05/27/02

100,000 hits! WOOO! Party! Dance Dance REVOLUTION!!~~~~~!111
Well boys and girls, Sevs has done it. It's reached the golden 100,000 hit marker. I don't know exactly why it's golden; it doesn't seem to be worth anymore now, and there certainly aren't any sinners worshipping it, but whatever the case may be, it's no longer aluminum. What does this mean for you, the reader of the site? Jack shit buddy, it's just a chance for us editors who have carried this site from it's infancy to flex our balls and generally piss into the wind without getting any on our pants. I would take the time out to say "thank you" to all the readers and forum goers that have helped us get this far, but I'd rather just say "fuck you" because the more you come the more money it costs me, and on top of that I hate 99% of you. So here goes:


Ahh... that felt good. Anyway, we put up a small poll just to see what the general concensus on Sevs is, 100,000 hits later. The results to the last poll were pretty uninspiring, I won't even bother with a recap, if you really want to know, check the poll archives.

The Baron @ ://   05/13/02

Should parents touch their children's genitals?
Odd question, eh? Perverted even? Well, think what you want, but there's a method to my madness.   click more to read the rest  More

Chad @ ://   05/08/02

Concert Review: Blue Oyster Cult
boc-reaperMy heart is black and my lips are cold
Cities on flame with rock and roll
Three thousand guitars
They seem to cry
My ears will melt and then my eyes

Let the girl, let that girl rock and roll
Cities on flame, now, with rock and roll

click more to read the rest  More

PeteTownshend @ ://   05/06/02

David lee Roth and sammy HAgar Kick ass
Today I was talking to my georgian freind and he said he went to the david lee roth concert and it was The greatest concert he ever went to. So then being a big Dave fan I decided to look up some info on DLR and I found out about the David Lee roth army. Its an Paramilitary group that rocks to the music of the 80's and has fun with guns and girls in Bikni's. Well anyway Here are some cool sites.

» www.Davidleeroth.com
» www.dlrarmy.com

ill Bill @ ://   05/05/02

Concert Review: WE ARE MOTORHEAD

This past Thursday, April 28th, three of the loudest mother fuckers of rock came by the party hard city of Poughkeepsie New York. Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee, and god a.k.a. Lemmy Kilmister all together form the legendary Motörhead, who succesfully murdered my ear drums that thursday night. And fuck yes I enjoyed it.   click more to read the rest  More

PeteTownshend @ ://   04/29/02


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