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The state of illbill adress
The last week i went to niceragua. It was quite kicken. Their
were many memoriable momments like when Illbill's pick up truck
was commendered by the police or when I busted moves and the
niceraguans said " That when I dance god is happy. This is also
one of my last post on the sevs community. I loved the days when my
pointless but funny comments cause controversity when the All the illbill
bashers decided to make fun of illbill. Sometimes I spoke all arogantly. It was
all an act Many people thought it was funny and just as much beleved
i was full of myself. At the end Sevs is a place were the entire Student body
could get together and express their views in a non - school setting. It
sometimes got offencive but Freedom of speach is something that our fore-fathers
fought and died for and shouldn't be taken a way. As I part
illbill says you may take our fourms but you will never take our FREEDOM

ill Bill @ ://   06/01/02

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god bless us everyone, especially Ill bill, may his time at sevs never be forgotten and that he live on whenever someone busts moves
» cassinator • 06/01/02

» Jesus i am • 06/02/02

ok, this is wut i thought about sevs, i thought parts of it were fun, and kewl to comment on, but i thought when ppl posted things about other ppl it just gave them an excuse to be cowardly and not say something to that persons face. i also feal that the ppl that said things about other ppl, they most likley didnt even kno them well enough to judge. freedom of speech is very important, but i think its better to say how u feel to the persons face, just my oppinion. to each's own. but if someone wanted to say something to me i say just say it to my face! lol but wutever, so long sevs, it was good it was good.
» dani lindstadt @ • 06/02/02

just testing to see if i can still post this
» just testing • 06/08/02

does it still work?
» bum • 07/06/02

wut about the forums
» nonphixion • 07/07/02

i like poop
» bob • 10/26/03