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Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.Is there anyone home?

Yes, most of us are still here. But I mean come on, its spring, almost summer. High School is almost over...FOR GOOD!!!!

I cant speak for everyone, but I do apologize on my behalf for the lack of posts. I've been busy with work, wakeboarding, working on my boat, and the real pain in the ass thats been taking up my time, this place called school which basically kills five days a week. I do hope more posts will be coming along soon, with end of school fun, prom and graduation coming up. Then for summer I know I'll either be posting regularly, or disapear from my computer and live the life out on my boat. I hope and pray for the latter.

GO SEE INSOMNIA!!! Although written a few decades ago, it was directed by Christopher Nolan, who did Memento, which was an amazing movie. Robin Williams rarely does serious roles, but when he does they rock.

I've also been busy watching the NHL playoffs. Unfortunately the two teams I was rooting for (Habs and Sens) were both eliminated. I'd definitely like to see the Leafs destroy the fugly Ron Brind'Amour and his dirty Hurricanes. Also Patrick Roy has been my god since the late 80s when he was with the Habs, so naturally I would like to see the Avs beat the Detroit LetsBuyAlltheBestPlayers, Oh I mean Red Wings.

PeteTownshend @ ://   05/27/02

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Insomnia was insanely good, but it made me tired... it made me feel used when i walked out cuz i felt tired after seeing the movie insomnia.... but it was really well done.

if anyone has ever stayed up all night you know about the flashes of light they talk about in the movie...

but as amazing as it was, i don't know if I could sit through it a 2nd time, it was a longish movie, especially for a slow paced movie, but as i said amazing, i'm very redundant.
» Npt Red Sox @ • 05/27/02

Yeah. Good movie. Al Pacino looked like Neil Jacobson at the end of the movie. Neil is a pussy bitch. Fuckin mess. Go see it. Good movie.
» Mr. Dan McNamara • 05/27/02

how could you root for the maple leafs! the dirtiest, cheapest, lamest team hockey has ever seen! i wanna see the canse destroy them!

and i want the wings to win because A) i like Dominik Hasek B)Roy is a wife beater, so i have no respect for him, other wise avs are cool
» NK • 05/28/02

comfortably numb is a great song
» lefty • 05/28/02