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Should parents touch their children's genitals?
Odd question, eh? Perverted even? Well, think what you want, but there's a method to my madness.

Your genitals are just another organ on your body (organ is the wrong word, but you either know what I mean or don't understand why organ is the wrong word), essentially equivilent to a hand, just with a different function. Just because you use your genitals for sex does not make them special organs. They are constructed out of blood and tissue just like the rest of your parts; the only difference being that they have a high concentration of nerves and aid in the reproductive process. For some reason people seem to think there is something wrong or naughty about genitals. Just look at our society: we cover them up even when there is no real need for it, we think it's somehow bad to look at members of the same sex's genitals, etc. For example, a guy looking at another guy's wang is strictly forbidden, yet that same guy can look at the other guy's arm without a second thought. It really doesn't make any sense if you actually stop and think.

The reason why this is the norm in society is because of how we were raised, not because humans naturally think their genitals are forbidden. Part of what contributes to it, I propose, is that parents treat a child's genitals differently than they will treat their other organs. I mean, mom might touch little Johnny's dick when she's wiping him down after a diaper change, but she's not gonna go near it otherwise. When people play with babies, they touch the baby's hands, feet, legs, nose, ears, etc. but never go near the tender bits. I think this helps to perpetuate the cycle of outright silliness that we continue to be a part of.

In America, we are the worst offenders of the absurd notion that sex is dirty and the penis and vagina are for private display only. In other parts of the world, they are much less retarded when it comes to sex in general, and we should really start to follow their example.

Enough rambling though, here's my proposal: in the not too distant future when you have children, touch their genitals as much as you would touch any other area of their body. EWWWW! THAT'S GROSS, YOU CHILD MOLESTOR. Shut up. It's not. At all. I'm not proposing that you jack your 5 year old off here, not in the slightest. Just stay with me here. When kids are very, very little (ie. pre-talking/walking) it's pretty common practice to stimulate them by touching all different parts on their body and telling them what it is and making cute sounds and stuff. I assume that most people leave out the genitals when they do this (if they don't, my whole theory is ruined, so we'll just assume my assumption is correct). I'm simply saying this: don't leave out the genitals. If you think this is just too sexual for you I hope the next time you go to the beach, you drown because the lifeguard thinks that mouth to mouth resuscitation is just too gay for him. Remember, infants don't know about sex, they're not going to take it sexually. The only thing they will do is think that there is something wrong with the area between their legs if it is the only part of them you refuse to go near. Once the whole touchy game with your little tike stops, then stop touching the genitals as well. I'm not encouraging sexual abuse here, just to make myself totally clear.

I honestly have no clue why I was thinking about this, much less wrote an article on it. Then again, this isn't the first time that's happened. Anyway, let me know what you think. Am I mad, or do I have a valid point? I'm interested in what people are going to think.

Chad @ ://   05/08/02

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i think you have a valid statement here.

It's sorta like religion, racism, child abus and shit, when kids grow up with it being the norm they will most likely follow in SOME way what their parents did around / to them.

or like, kids with parents that are drunks have a higher chance of becoming drunks themselves.

Anyway, it is just flesh.
» JIMMY! @ :// • 05/08/02

You are the wierdest fuckin guy ever...you need a hobby
» Danoosh • 05/08/02

I agree w/ chad's view of that sex should not be taboo... I dont know about the stimulating part. Its also goes hand in hand with the way they talk about drugs in school and anti drug programs, tell the truth about it.
» Mike M • 05/08/02

» Mr. Dan McNamara • 05/08/02

All parents in northport fuck their kiddies in da ass
» mike lennon(Im not afraid 2 post my real name unlike you suckas) • 05/08/02

sometimes I just get so mad I want to shake my kid until she stops crying...is that sorta like what you mean? I don't know...whatever
» andrew burton @ :// • 05/09/02

Yes Micheal. Didn't I fuck you in the ass when we visited Northport?
» Mrs. Lennon • 05/09/02

Reproductive organs contain orifices which connect to rather important internal organs, which makes them constantly in risk of infection... The need for clothes is much like the body having pubic hair, to prevent pathogens from entering. And who designed this thing? having your cock flapping around in the breeze would be quite annoying while say, running. evolution missed a spot.
» xxarsenxx • 05/09/02


horses do it, so to cheetahs...
come to think of it, all animals do, so y not humans?
» worg • 05/10/02

If it would be that easy for you, don't brag about it.

Animals house their reproductive organs internally, and they come out only whe they are "excited"... Find a friend with a leg humping dog and ask em about "red rockets".
» xxarsenxx • 05/11/02

I'll describe this whole post as

"Im an American and your a sick asshole"
~ Micheal Douglas
Falling Down
» American • 05/12/02

Even today, I touch my son, Jordan. When he's not with his friends, he has me give him a nice rub-down. Sometimes, if he gets good grades, I allow him to remove my panties with his teeth.
» Mrs. Woods • 05/13/02

Dont you love when I leave my comments? I see your ever so disturbing point. Just as I understood your dilema in understanding the original use of cowbells. This is article shows that you have waaaaaaaaay too much spare time on your hands. It reminds me of the Senator who started the uproar about one of the Teletubbies being gay. I was completely shocked by how much stupidity could be packed into one person. This guy seems like he fell out the fucking moron tree and hit every branch on the way down. I had the same feeling reading your article. So before you start writing articles about Barney the dinosuar being a cult leader get a fucking life. I say this as a concerned reader. Now that I think about it I like my comments to you so much I should have my own article on this site. Right? Give me credit I knew the orignal use of cowbells. Good luck to you on your next ridicules writing. I'll be sure to read it and give you my honest opinion.
» like I'm really gonna tell you • 05/18/02

I most deffinitly see a vailid point in their. people never take into consideration that like horses , cows ,apes, we are animals too underneith the blanket of society that we hide in. Take a look at the "different" ,"Unfortianite" countries who let everyhting hang out ,litteraly. They are not bambarded by the many rapists, Sexual Assults and other many Repressed sexual insanity's that plauge our country. They see what love really is instead of a forrbidden flap of skin used to excreate wastes.Another good theary that you touched upon is the one on homosexuality, that we cant look at another mans Jewls because god forbid well be gay if we do that. That invisable boundry in our head has caused such hate crimes that caused us to kill another one of our own kind. Hell if we were taught that smiling was a form a homosexuality Their would be alot more people frowning. Now im not saying "hey go Out and fondel the 1st infant you see" I think that we should just take into consideration the pratices of which we educate our children from day 1. and maybe introducing them to Mr.Willie at a young age and educating them about it from an early age would help them accept themselvs and others later on in life. But instead we leave it the forbidden taboo which in my own oppainion is a form of neglect. Well im not takin up the whole form writing about this so ill stop here. All i wanna say is that it is a verry interesting idea that should be "Touched" Upon
» Cant Spell for shit • 05/18/02

stop writing long paragraphs
» jetsam • 05/18/02

the reason it's not common place is because in my opinion the genitals are something kept for your love, someone you intamately care about. sure you love your parents but not in the same way as a lover.

it's like some people who get a tattoo on their ass and if someone they don't love sees it they freak out because it's something special.

yes it might be just another part of your body but it's like thyat special gift you wnat to give to someone...

but i get you point, touch your kids and when they get older they'll understand sex better and not be as embarrased.
» no • 05/25/02

just separating the lines doesn't make it any less of a paragraph
» Jetsam • 05/26/02

true but it makes it easier for retards to read cuz they have to think about every line. besides. every line is relating to something else.
» no • 05/27/02