Northport Sevs provides a place for people to gather and share information without censorship. Like the real Northport Sevs, NorthportSevs.com is where you go when everything else falls through, and there's nothing else to do. Sevs is a site by the people, for the people, use it to its fullest.

A note on the components of this site
Up at the top of the page you can use the navigation menu to get to the main sections of this site.
The News section is the main part of the site. In it, there are three subsections:
The updates column is where the editors of the site post, basically your one stop shop for news and reading materials. The comments link below each post is how you give feedback about that particular topic. When an article has a button on it, that means the entire article was too large to post in the main updates window, and by clicking the button, you will be able to view it in its entirety.
The poll is self explanitory (hopefully).
The rumor bin, although not functional yet, will be a free for all posting bonanza where everyone is free to post any rumors of parties or whatever might be of general interest to the friendly viewers of this site. It is not intended for bs'ing though, that is what the forums are for.

Features is a section of all the content written by the editors, as well as some special interest stories. This is basically what you would consider the content of the site.

The forums are basically the free for all area of the site, where anyone can contribute and discuss details to their heart's content.

The links / hosted section is for other quality NPT and non-NPT sites we endorse and/or host on our server.

The about / contact section basically just ties up all the loose ends.

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Sevs Core Team
The Baron - Concept, and chief of the unfunny article department
The Bishop Don "Magic" Juan - Internationally known playa and lyricist
Chad - Design and pseudointellectualism
ill Bill - Resident move buster
PeteTownshend - Lead guitarist for the Who

Occasional Contributers
rip - Commentary that's probably over your head
escobar - Outside humor consultant
40oz of Freedom - He's like hot butter on your breakfast toast
Sassy - Owner and operator of the Celery Club
Moocow - Narcotics division
Jetsam - Our first female editor
James M Myles III - He eats small children
Rob - A rock & roll kind of guy
Alister Crowley - Aug. 31, 1888

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