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The Van
The Van is one of the most infamous vehicles in Northport's illustrious history. The get-away car in the Nude Neems scandal, tha van is no longer in commission after being shot nearly once during the high speed low speed non-existant police chase that ensued. Don't worry though, the people behind tha van made a video of their escapades, so it will live on forever in the form of magnetic tape.

The drunken antics of former Northport High students. They like to destroy.

Devious Citizens
Some ride bikes for pleasure, some ride for glory. These hooligans ride to get the fuck away from the cops. If you see them riding around Northport, give 'em the finger and tell 'em Sevs sent you.

Mr. B's
AKA- The Midway. This historic Northport store sells a variety of motorcycle goods, bongs, priceless T-shirts, and a bunch of other stuff to keep you lookin' good. The store is located on 489 Main St. in Downtown Northport. They have an assortment of stickers and patches with the best quotes on them, one of our favorites is has an American flag on it and says, "TRY BURNING THIS ONE ASSHOLE!"... if that is not American pride I don't know what is. description courtesy of SummerSleaze 2000

NPT Track site
Even though it's about track, it's still pretty damn funny.

Digital Catalyst
A pretty decent personal site by someone from Northport.

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The Finest Quality
Dan Raps' band's page. Formerly known as Teri is Fat, Fisheye, Warble, etc. You know they're punk when they can't even decide on a name.

The portfolio site of Chad Nau. New for 2k2.

Summer Sleaze
Without a doubt, the greatest site that ever came out of Northport. Currently it's on an extended hiatus, but in its heyday, Sleaze had the power to bring 1000+ people to an open house party. We await the day when Sleaze will make its triumphant return.

TBX online
The Bad Examples are a shitty emo band whose members currently attend NPT high. Check it out, if that's your bag.

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Celery Club is a site done by Northport OG and current San Diego resident, Sassy. Sassy knows the name of the game when it comes to making good websites and writing funny articles. Make sure you check out the archives, there's a lot of really great Northport related stories. We hope Sevs can eventually reach the level of success that Celery has.

Another Northporter turned west coaster, Felix Tibs (brother of Sassy), runs this den of filth and debauchery. Eyunta.com, It's full of crap!

Former Northport resident Dan Gardner's experimental site. Be sure to check out the 'My Point Adequately Demonstrated' vid by Gary Gardner on there too.

The Hun
Ah... The Hun. The Netherlands' finest porn site is your one stop shop for busting a nut. Just watch out for the gay links, they are mixed right in there with the straight ones.

The Morning News
I hate the news. I hate reading the paper, I can't stand watching news on TV, and CNN.com makes me want to vomit. The Morning News consistently manages to select only the most interesting news, that even I can bear. It's a great way to cure the post hun boredom.

Giraffe Brothers
It's not about giraffes, and it's probably not about brothers, but there's some entertaining shit to be found here.

Jackin World
A site about... well, Jackin'.

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