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Stow-Away (stoh eh whey): One who stays in the train bathroom the whole trip to avoid paying for a ticket. ex: John spent all his money at the strip club, and had to be a stow-away.

Derf (daerph): Thought to originate from NPT, it is the hair that grows on the grundle (see below). Derf Mullet: When you shave your balls (short in front) and let the grundle hair, i.e. the derf, grow wild (long in back). Reverse Derf Mullet: When you shave your derf and keep you balls extra furry.

French Tickler ('french 'ti-k(&-)l&r): A phallus shaped piece of rubber or plastic often used to simulate sexual intercourse. AKA: Dildo, Dong, Rubber Cock. There are all sorts of variations on the tickler, including the standard dick, cock and balls, double-headed, ribbed, beaded, vibrating, strap-on, the list goes on and on. A fun thing you can do with one is bring it to a party and secretly put it in a drawer somewhere. Later, take it out in front of a crowd and pretend that it belongs to the host. This is sure to cause permanent emotional damage for the host, but that's not your problem, now is it?

French Safe ('french saphe): A rubber sheath intended for the prevention of pregnancy and/or disease. AKA: condom, jimmy hat, pocket protector, rain coat. The French Safe, once only used by sailors, has become necessary if you don't want to catch AIDS from dirty sluts. It's fun to blow them up and use them as decorations, or you can stretch them out and put them on your head. We here at sevs recommend the ribbed variety for her pleasure.

Cock-blocker (kok-blok er): An individual who hinders a male's ability to make physical contact with a desired female (or male in some fucked up situations). They come in all shapes and sizes, yet the majority are fat and ugly (no offense cock-blockers but you usually are very fat and very ugly). Also, cock-blocking is not gender specific, a cock-blocker can be either a male or a female, or one of those shemales where you really aren't sure what kind of equipment they're playing with. So always, and I mean always be on the lookout for potential cock-blockers.

Making the beast with two backs: Shakespeare era slang for fucking.

Grundle (grun-del): The rectangular patch of epidermis stretching from the juevos to the red eye. Techichal term: the perineum

It's Getting Dark Out: A prhase you can use when you see an unusual number of black people in Northport (an unusual number being more than none for the most part). Rascist? No, not really; Northport is just a whitebread town (if you didn't notice).

Sleaze Classics: phrases you learn to love
Yam Bag: The flap of skin on male that hangs between his legs keeping his shit together. There are many games that can be played with a stretchy piece of epidermis... While running around naked in public you can grab it with your pointer finger and thumb stretching it out all while screaming, "There is a bat on my leg, help there is a bat on my leg!" That is a sure way to get yourself thrown in jail.

Layin' Pipe (Ley in Piep): It is unknown where this key phrase has originated but it to believed to be from the infamous Hooligan BMX Trails on the south shore. It sums up the animalistic act between a male and female when his member enters the "Gateway To Her Canal".

Fag (Phãg): This terminology comes from over seas. It is another term for the cancer stick that you love to hate, the cigarette. This can be very funny if used at the proper time. You have to be creative and there is endless possibilities with this one, just be careful that you don't use it the wrong way or you'll come off seeming like a butt pirate.

Synonyms for Asshole: If you have attempted giving up cursing for lent these are some other words you can say when you are going to call some one the object at the end of the digestive track; Whale's Eye, Balloon Knot, and a Leather Cheerio.

Side Car (Syde Kár): Noun. The fat bitch that always hangs out with the good looking girl. She is always there to prevent you from getting a piece of ass when you need it most.

Creeper (Krêp R'): Noun. One that creeps. Usually worse than the side car becuae they are trying to move in and pick up on your lady friend. The classic creaper is always a close friend of yours and usually can't help the creeping nature, its instinctive.

Buttercup (Butt R cup'): Noun. Cupping your own Flatulence and putting it in someone else's face. You can modify this with a kiss and blow out from the palm of your hand resulting in the kiss of death, FATALITY.

Cuppie Suicide (Cup ˙ Suie side): Noun. Bestowing cupped wind upon one's self. Also known as death from below. This is great to do on a first date if the girl becomes unbearable, she will be so disgusted that she will get up and leave.

Shade Mission (Shád Mish on): Noun. A Plan that has no backing and can fall apart at the seems. Usually associated with lack of planning and money. Can sometime involve members from the opposite sex.

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